DhanWise connects you to verified financial advisors across India to help you get a personalized financial plan right from the comfort of your home.

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DhanWise connects you to verified financial advisors across India to help you
                            get a personalized financial plan right from the comfort of your home.

Why Financial Planning?

Almost no one knows how much to invest on a monthly basis to achieve their goals like saving for child's education, buying a house, while also maintaining their lifestyle when they retire.

Your plan will give you clear recommendations to optimize your borrowings, investing and insurance.

Get Your Financial Plan
Financial plan tells you which equity and debt mutual funds to invest in, how to save for buying a house, child's education etc.

How it works?

Tell us about yourself

Answer some easy questions about your family's finances, future goals like child's education, buying a house etc

Financial planning: submit details about your finances and future goals.

Speak with an advisor

You’re bound to have questions. Our experienced advisors will make sure everything makes sense and you feel good about your plan

Financial planning: speak with an advisor

Review your plan

You’ll see exactly where and how much to invest on a monthly basis, how to optimize your borrowings and what insurance to buy.

Financial plan tells you how much and where to invest on a monthly basis

Sample Plan: 30 year old Salaried Employee

Sachin Shah is a 30 year old Senior Software Engineer, working at an IT services company in Bengaluru. He and his wife want to plan for their retirement and also want to save for their child's education, wedding and for buying a car.

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Financial planning for a 30 year old salaried employee working in the IT industry

How much does it cost?

We have 2 kinds of advisors on DhanWise - commission based advisors and fee-only advisors. Both the models have their pros and cons. Read this What is the difference between fee-only and commission based advisors?.

The fee will depend on the kind of advisor you decide to go with.

Get Your Financial Plan
How much do financial advisors charge for a financial plan?

Life’s good when you have a plan

Just about anyone you can talk to about your money is a bank or insurance salesperson. As a result, wealthy people tend to get biased advice, and non-wealthy people tend to get nothing at all.

At DhanWise, the advisors will provide you with un-biased advice. Your plan is mathematically sound and 100% in your best interest.

Get Your Financial Plan
Life’s good when you have a financial plan

Still have a few questions?

Here are the answers to some questions we’re frequently asked by people.

At Dhanwise, a financial plan shows you the absolute best thing to do with your money every month so you can enjoy the highest possible standard of living for the rest of your life. View Sample Plan.

The plan is typically reviewed once every year or once every 6 months. Your advisor will inform you about this in the first call after understanding your requirements.

Absolutely! Leave a note saying so when you click on 'Get Your Financial Plan'. We will arrange a call for you.

We have a Q&A forum where you can post questions related to personal finance and investing.