Mutual Fund Portfolio Review

Do you rely on newspapers or social media for your mutual fund advice? It could be biased, simply wrong and not in your best interest. Talk to an expert and align your portfolio with your goals like retirement, child's education, buying a house etc.

The review will give you clear recommendations on which funds to buy, which ones to sell and how much to invest on a monthly basis.

Get My Portfolio Review
Financial advisors help align your mutual fund portfolio with your long term and short term goals like retirement, child's education, buying a house, car etc.

How it works?

Tell us about yourself

Answer some easy questions about your family's finances, future goals like child's education, buying a house etc. Your current portfolio and ongoing SIPs.

Financial planning: submit details about your finances and future goals.

Speak with an advisor

You’re bound to have questions. Our experienced advisors will make sure everything makes sense and you feel good about your portfolio.

Financial planning: speak with an advisor

Review your report

You’ll know exactly the fund names and how much to invest on a monthly basis so that you achieve your goals. You can talk to the advisor again if you have questions

Financial plan tells you how much and where to invest on a monthly basis

How much does it cost?

Since there are no commissions involved, the advice will be unbiased and 100% in your best interest.

The portfolio review will cost you Rs 7000 (inclusive of taxes).

Get Your Portfolio Review
How much does mutual fund portfolio review cost?

Still have a few questions?

Here are the answers to some questions we’re frequently asked by people.

No. We are a pure advisory platform.

It is upto you to choose an investment platform or mutual fund distributor.

The portfolio is typically reviewed once every year or once every 6 months. It will depend on your risk appetite, funds in your portfolio and the size of your invesmests.

Absolutely! Leave a note saying so when you click on 'Get My Portfolio Review'. We will arrange a call for you.

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