Need your opinion on Mirae Asset mutual funds.

Alok Kumar
Sep 25, 2019

Is it good to invest in Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund Direct Growth and Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund Direct Growth for long term purpose?

1 Answer
Sep 26, 2019

If by long term you mean a period greater than 10 years then yes, the funds that you have mentioned are good funds. If you have SIPs in these funds then you can continue with them.

There are 2 points that I would like to emphasize on:

  1. Mutual fund investments need to be reviewed at least once every six months or every year. Any fund recommendations made today, may or may not be good enough six months down the line.
  2. Your age and risk appetite are important considerations while choosing mutual funds. Make sure you allocate your investments to equity as well as debt. For example a young investor (age less than 30) can allocate 80% to equity and 20% to debt. The debt portion should go higher as you approach your retirement age.

If you have any followup questions then you can leave them in the comments below.

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