Need suggestions on my MF SIP.

Jul 15, 2019

I Rajender from Himachal having following portfolio. Kindly suggest us it ok or there should be any ammendments.

  1. Absl Growth
  2. Franklin India prima fund Grth.
  3. icici pru top 100 fund grth
  4. reliance tax saver fund grth.
Each of Rs 1000/month started on Jan.2017.
  1. reliance smallcap fund grth.
  2. Birla pure value fund grth

Each of 1000/m each started on Jan.2018.

My time horizon is 15/18 yrs. Kindly suggest. Thanks.

1 Answer
Sep 20, 2019


It is, usually a good practice to link your investments to a goal. The goal could be anything like child education and marriage, Retirement, Buying a Ferrari, world tour, anything that you want. This gives us an idea as to how much you want and when do you want it. The funds can be chosen using this information.

It is difficult to gauge an individual fund without knowing how much is your expectation and your risk appetite. Nevertheless, I'll do my best to give you a decent review of your funds

1. ABSL Equity Fund - This is a decent fund in the multi cap category. The returns in the last decade (in SIP mode) have been around 12%. If this is good enough for you, then continue with it. That said, there are some funds that have given slightly more returns (around 14% and more). You can check Mirae Asset AMC

2. Franklin India Prima fund - One of my personal favourites in the mid cap category. A steady performer. Continue with it.

3. ICICI Pru top 100 fund - This fund's new name is ICICI Pru Large and Mid Cap fund. Not a great fund in Large and Mid Cap fund. Especially when compared with funds like Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund, Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Fund

4. Reliance Tax Saver Fund - You can give this fund a miss. Shift to Miare Tax Saver Fund or Axis Long Term Equity Fund. Once the lock in period of 3 years gets over. Shift the existent amount also gradually

5. Reliance Small Cap Fund - This is a small cap fund. I, generally, do not recommend small cap funds, unless the investor asks for it. Then also, it goes with a warning. If you really want exposure to this category, then this fund is a decent fund. You can continue SIP in this fund. But I again ask you to reconsider the small cap category.

6. ABSL Pure Value Fund - This fund has not been a great performer. You can give this fund a miss.

Select around 4 or max 5 funds and continue SIP in it. Don't invest in many funds.

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