How to compute income tax as a remote employee for a foreign company?

Jyothish Jayan
Jul 8, 2019
I'm moving from a salaried job to a Freelance Consulting job for an MNC based out of Singapore. Since they don't have an Indian entity, they will be paying my fees directly and I need to figure out the tax provisions myself. The contract clearly indicates an employer employee relationship and my total income for 1 year will be around Rs. 22 Lakh. What are the options available to me- can I claim 44ada filing as a freelancer or should I show it as salaried income? Please advice- the idea is to legally minimize and save tax with less complications.
1 Answer
Jul 8, 2019

You have mentioned that your contract indicates an 'employee-employer' relationship. So it looks like this job is that of a remote employee and not a freelancer. So I don't think section 44ADA would be applicable to you.

Since you say that this is a freelance consulting job, why not get the contract modified to mention this?

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