Please review my mutual fund portfolio

Jun 28, 2019

I want to create 3 crore in 15 years. I have started sip of 18333 in below funds. Is it wise to rely on only mutual fund to achieve my goal or should i start investing in other financial instruments like ULIP,PPF by considering the volatility of the market ? How much do I need to add more to achieve my goal.

  • Sbi Bluechip fund-5000
  • Kotak standard multicap-5000
  • Absl tax relief 96-5000
  • Hdfc mid cap opportunity-10000(quarterly)
1 Answer
Jun 29, 2019

This response is on the corpus expectations, and not on the specific funds chosen.

You are investing 18,333 per month. Even if we take a very generous assumptions of 15% CAGR, the corpus would be about 1.2 cr in 15 years. If you can increase the amount by 10% every year, the corpus could be about 2 cr.  You can reach 3 cr in 15 years, if you start with an amount of Rs 28,000, increase it by 10% every year and are fortunate to get a return of 15% or more.

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