Is it advisable to invest in gold now?

Jun 28, 2019
Gold prices have been increasing recently. Many people are predicting recession which can lead to a rally in gold prices. Should I invest in gold?
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Jul 3, 2019

People invest in gold during times of uncertainty.people perceive gold as a safe asset!

However during the past 4-5 years...when there was no uncertainty the gold returns have been muted

However during the past 6 months......the US-China trade war has led to the global economy slowing down and also the US-Iran tensions which could escalate into a war have increased to uncertainties and therefore increased the demand for gold


In the future nobody can predict the direction of US-China trade deal or the tensions on US-Iran. If a deal is signed b/w US and China it could lead to a shift from Gold to Risky assets like equities.

Moreover you should get your risk profiling done to find out your asset allocation into debt, equities etc.

Also other assets like equities may under perform for a shorter period of time...but over longer periods of time equities outperform all other asset classes!

Though there are some uncertainties, nobody can predict they materialise or not!

So in short haphazardly investing into gold to chase returns without having a proper asset allocation in place is not really a good idea.  

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