Can you review my Mutual fund portfolio?

Jun 21, 2019

I am a 26-year-old salaried individual. I am currently investing Rs 1000 in Mirae Asset emerging Bluechip Fund, Rs 1000 in Reliance large cap fund and Rs 1000 in SBI Banking and financial services. I will increase my invest to 5000 per month. I have a moderate high risk profile. My aim is to build a corpus of around Rs 3 crore in 30 years for my retirement. Is it a right path to follow? And also suggest me mutual funds to invest Rs 2000 in addition to above mentioned portfolio through SIP.

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Jul 17, 2019


Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund is my personal favourite.  Excellent Fund, continue with it, if possible increase your investment in it.

Reliance Large Cap Fund is a good one, but then, my favourite in large cap is Mirae Large Cap Fund. The Market Capture Ratio of Mirae is 1.29 vs 1.07 of Reliance for the last 10 years. Rolling returns (5 years) for Mirae are more distributed with less than 3.25% in 8 - 12% whereas for Reliance it is 6.56%. Overall not too much of a difference, so if you are happy with Reliance, stick to it.

Banking and Financial Services Funds are my favourite too. I like ICICI Prudential in this category. SBI is also good. It's just that SBI Banking and Financial Services Fund started in early 2015. It has not even completed 5 years. So I don't want to comment on it. As of now, it looks pretty good, but it's been around for less time, so can't really comment on it. ICICI Prudential Banking and Services Fund has been around since Sept 2008. Pretty much data to comment that it is a very good fund. So here again, you have to take a call.

The extra 2000 you want to invest can be dived equally between Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund and Large Cap fund.

SIP of 5000 for 30 years can very well give you 3 crores. I don't know your reasoning for the figure of 3 crores, so assuming you have considered affects of inflation and have calculated your retirement income required after 30 years, you are on a good track. Keep up the investments. I wish I had started investing when I was 26 :)

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