What are your charges as advisor or financial manager ?

Jun 11, 2019
Does DhanWise offer financial advisory services? If yes, what are the charges?
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Jun 11, 2019

DhanWise is a platform to interact with financial advisors in India. People can ask questions or they can reach out to an advisor for a paid consultation.

You can view the list of advisors here Find an Advisor.


For comprehensive financial planning and/or mutual fund portfolio review, the fees would depend on whether you opt for a fee-only advisor or a commission based advisor.

Fee-only advisor

They charge an upfront fixed fee. Typically between Rs 10,000 to Rs 25,000. On an average it is Rs 15,000. This varies from advisor to advisor.

Commission based advisor

No upfront fees, but you pay them via commissions from your mutual fund assets. Typically advisors receive a commission of 1% on equity mutual funds and about 0.5% for debt funds. A 1% commission would mean Rs 10,000 for every Rs 10 lakh invested. 

These commissions are deducted from your mutual fund assets as an expense. Expense Ratio tells you the % of your assets deducted as expense every year by the mutual fund house. The expense ratio is higher when you buy mutual funds via a commission based advisor or distributor.

This post has more information on this How much does a financial advisor cost?

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