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Long Term, Goal Based Financial Planner

P Anantha Raman is majorly a trader in the financial markets. He makes his living by trading the NSE derivatives market. He is passionate about spreading financial literacy and educating clients about the, highly misunderstood, concept of risk. With this approach, he became a financial planner and advisor in 2010.

He believes in, a goal based, data driven approach to investing, as per the needs of the individual. He was advising his friends and relatives for few years before, on encouragement of a friend, he became an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA). He started taking in clients to help them achieve their financial goals, the same way, he had been helping his friends and relatives.

He offers unbiased, data driven, individual goal based solution to all his clients.

Education: PGDM
Investment advisor since: 2010 (9+ years)
Consultancy Fee : Rs 10000/year
Number of clients: 55+
City: Bengaluru
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