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SEBI Registered Investment Advisor

The most important things to me in my personal and professional life are, integrity, protection of capital, honesty, and trust.

I am heavily influenced by Howard Marks, Ray Dalio, and Nassim Taleb. Others that have taught me more than books are Sanjay Bakshi, Shane Parrish, Vishal Khandelwal, my family, clients and my colleagues at Equitymaster. It's been a great learning journey so far and far from over.

A very supportive wife, has allowed me to practise what I preach on a daily basis and we have achieved been very lucky to have achieved Financial Freedom.

Hence much of the guidance I provide to my clients is the culmination of my experiences, learnings and nuggets of wisdom collected over a decade long career of advising.

The little bit of success that I have had is owed in large parts to God, the wonderful people I have met, the thoughtful and altruistic considerations that went into advising and the trust of my clients.

Somewhere beyond right and wrong, there is a garden. I will meet you there.


Apart from having qualification like CFA (ICFAI) and M.Com, I have also completed a certification course in interior designing. Because Life is too short to not explore other interests :)

Looking forward to hearing your story, aspirations, ambitions, concerns and fears, because, what you seek, is seeking you.


  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Independent Mutual Fund Portfolio Review
  • Risk Equated Portfolios
  • Capital Protection Planning


  • There is a Fixed fee for Comprehensive Financial Planning (₹17,990) and Independent Mutual Fund Portfolio Review.
  • For Direct Equity (2.75%) and Mutual Funds (0.75%) it is a percentage of AUM + Taxes as applicable

Education: CFA (ICFAI), M.Com
Investment advisor since: 2010 (9+ years)
Consultancy Fee : Rs 10000/year
Number of clients: 200+
City: Surat
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