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Vikram is the founder of INSIGHTFUL, a Fee-Only Financial Planning firm, which is built on the uncompromising foundation that financial advice should be unbiased and honest. He has been in the Financial Planning field since 2006 and founded INSIGHTFUL in 2014, having identified that there is a lot of value to be created for individuals by providing unbiased financial advice and wealth management services. He has an ‘MBA in Finance’, a ‘Post Graduate in Financial Planning’ from Canada, and was a ‘Certified Financial Planner’ (CFP) there for 8 years. His experience includes working for international banks, the government, and has a good understanding of both Indian and international markets and products. He is passionate about personal financial management, financial literacy and is a strong advocate for financial advice that focuses solely on the individual.

Education: MBA (Finance), Post Grad in Financial Planning (Canada)
Investment advisor since: 2006 (13+ years)
Consultancy Fee : Rs 10000/year
Number of clients: 500+
City: Coimbatore
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